Who we are and how it all began

We both always loved travelling. It was a possibility to break out of the daily routine and open new horizons. One day we asked ourselves if this was all, life had to give. We wanted to get out of the monotonous everyday life and try something new.


In 2009 friends told us about the Gargano and the bike centre that was for sale. After the first visit, our decision was made quickly and since spring 2010 we run the bike station in the Gargano. Here we found our paradise. What fascinated us from the beginning was the variety of the landscape and the unspoiled nature. There is the town of Vieste with its charming beaches, as well as the lonely hinterland with the Foresta Umbra, a mixed woodland that is unique in this degree of latitude. And even if the town of Vieste is the touristic centre of the Gargano, it has kept its charm and authenticity.


By the way, we met on a bicycle tour across Latin America. But this is a long story...

Roland Städler


Outdoor activities were always my passion. I liked cycling a lot and so it was natural to climb the Swiss Mountains by bike. The tours got longer and longer, up to 6-day alpine crossings.

In 1995, I joined an organised bike trip with Bike Adventure Tours to the South of Vietnam. This is how I got into the world of bike tourism and found, that I enjoyed spending exciting bike days with strangers that sometimes become friends. After Vietnam, I guided various tours for bat, among others Cuba, Costa Rica, Sinai and many alpine crossings.


In 2002, I took a time out and travelled for one year through Latin America by bike. This was extremely exciting, lots of new impressions; I can only recommend it to everybody. On this journey, I met Monika. 


Until today I have not regretted for a second the step into self-employment and to the Gargano. I prepare your rental bikes, repair your own bikes, give you advice at the bike shop and will be your guide on the excursions.

Monika Scherrer


I love nature and humankind. In 1996, my brother took me on some mountain bike excursions and the more we went, the more I fell in love with this sport. It was a completely new experience for me to climb the Swiss Mountains by bike and not on foot.


Through our dogs Sina and Luis, they both are originally from the Gargano, I came to my second passion and found my true calling. Since 2015, I support dog owners on difficult topics, www.hundezauber.ch.


At Garganobike I am responsible for the organization and administration. Occasionally I swing myself on a bike and accompany you as tour guide.