The Gargano looms as a huge promontory into the Adriatic Sea. In 1991 it was designated a National Park. With its stunning beautiful coasts and charming middle aged villages, it is one of the most favoured holiday areas in the region. The beautiful beaches are among the cleanest in Apulia. Hiking trails lead through the Foresta Umbra in the shade of ancient giant trees.


On an area that covers scarcely 1% of the national territory, grow 40% of all species of plants to be found in Italy, among them 85 different orchids. South of the Gargano opens the Gulf of Manfredonia with the biggest Salinas in Europe; nesting site for thousands of Flamingos.


Thanks to the mild climate that reigns most of the year, there is an astonishing variety of fruit, vegetables, wines - and last but not least - an incredibly tasty olive oil, also known as the „liquid gold“ of Apulia. The region delivers - with its 40 millions of olive trees - 40% of Italy’s oil production. Together with the big variety of fish, seafood and meat, the Gargano’s cuisine has a very special reputation.


We follow this reputation on our bike tours and rides and enjoy the „culinary single trails“ of a special kind. We visit the fisherman on the Trabucco, a fishing device with an old tradition, or the „Masseria“ the ethnic farm in the hinterland of Vieste, where the „Cacciocavallo“ (cow milk mozzarella) is still produced after the old traditional method. Another highlight is the visit of the old olive mill dating back to the 13th century. „Buon Appetito“.